AnyaCosm Clinic



small volume of the red border of lips (Filler)

1400 AED
the procedure is aimed at giving the lips a more defined and expressive shape

don't like the shape of the lips (filler)

1400 AED
correction procedure aimed at achieving the desired shape and volume of lips

lip asymmetry (FILLER)

1400 AED
correction procedure is aimed at equalizing the shape and contours of the lips

ageing lip changes (FILLER)

1400 AED
aims to restore and rejuvenate the lip contour

dry and chapped lips (FILLER)

1400 AED
is aimed at eliminating dry and cracked skin.

kissette (wrinkles around the lips) (BOTOX)

350 AED
smoothing the skin in the mouth area, reducing the appearance of wrinkles

unclear contour (FILLER)

1400 AED
The procedure aims to give them a clearer and more defined shape.

unsuccessful correction by another cosmetologist

850 AED
Correcting failed results including unnatural volume, asymmetry or fuzzy contours

drooping corners of the mouth (FILLER)

1400 AED
The lift procedure aims to lift and improve their contours.

gingival smile (BOTOX )

350 AED
Reducing the visibility of the gums of the upper jaw creating a more aesthetic facial expression