AnyaCosm Clinic


Chin and facial contour

nasolacrimal sulcus (filler)

1400 AED
correction procedure aimed at reducing depth and visibility

nasolabial fold (filler)

1400 AED
The treatment aims to smooth and reduce depth giving the face a more youthful appearance.

nasolabial furrow (filler)

1400 AED
The correction procedure aims to reduce depth and visibility creating harmonious facial features.

small chin (filler)

1400 AED
the enlargement procedure is aimed at giving the face harmonious proportions

unexpressed cheekbones (filler

2100 AED
augmentation procedure to give the face a more expressive look

jowls on the chin (filler)

1400 AED
correction procedure is aimed at smoothing the surface of the skin and improving its texture

asymmetry of the chin (filler)

1400 AED
aims to achieve balance and harmony in facial features

wide (filler)

1400 AED
The correction procedure aims to reduce width and give the face more harmonious proportions.

hyperactive chin

300 AED
aims to reduce muscle activity and smooth out wrinkles associated with excessive tension.

lowering of the corners of the mouth (filler)

1400 AED
The lift procedure aims to conceptualize and improve contours.

forming “eyebrows” (filler)

700-1400 AED
the shaping procedure is aimed at creating clearer and more pronounced chin contours

voluminous face (lipolytic)

600 - 1500 AED
The reduction procedure aims to reduce excess volume and give a more refined contour.

cervical chin angle smoothing (lipolytic)

600-1500 AED
Reduction of fat deposits and improvement of chin and neck contours

Skin laxity and atony

600 - 1400 AED
the treatment is aimed at improving skin tone and elasticity.

cheek area failure (filler)

600-2000 AED
The correction procedure is aimed at restoring volume and contours.

lack of a defined facial contour line

3150 AED
aims to improve the contours of the face and give it a more expressive look.

The angles of the lower jaw are not pronounced.

2100 AED
aims to create more defined and expressive facial features.